Our Goal is to Transfer this Technology to Different Areas of Architecture to make the Architect's World Easier and More Precise.

Using Our Knowledge of Traditional Methods of Architectural Restoration, Reproductions and Creations to Verify the Quality of Our Work. Along with Our Skills Using New Technologies Shown in Our Services, to Provide the Best of Both Worlds.


3D Scanning Creates a Digitally Preserved Exact Copy of Your Item or Project. Including Geometry, Texture, Color and Measurements. It will be thoroughly Backed Up Depending on Requirements and You will Receive Copies to View for Approval of Quality and for Final Use in Either 3D Printing or CAD Files.
Subway Medallion   MTA by replicate3d   3D model   Sketchfab


Using 3D Design We are able to Digitally Repair Your Project Without Having to Touch the Surface. This is Especially Useful for Very Old Projects that are Deteriorating. 
Edit CCNY Piece Finished Restoration   Sketchfab


3D Printing will Allow Us to Verify that the Digital Version is the Same in Real Life. Creating Miniatures You can Touch and Feel Allows You to Audit the Entire Process, and Make Decisions.


When You Combine All of the Services We Provide the Possibilities are Endless. Mix and Match Old and New Architectural Elements. Incorporate Actual Elements from Nature into Your Architecture, Take Something Small and Make it Huge, Remove the Limitation on Your Imagination.

Design, Modelling, Tooling and Fabrication using 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and GFRC