About Us

Replicate 3D LLC is a full service 3D company with a background focused in architectural and artistic reproductions. Our expert in restorations, Owner Joe Carolfi, National Landmark Qualified, has extensive experience in architectural and artistic productions. His extensive list of past works with photos can be found here.

We can take your existing project and create a permanent record that can be digitally repaired or replaced, and also converted to many popular CAD formats for drawings or plans. We can bring your ideas to life through prototyping new products or modifying your existing creation. No matter your needs, we will find a tailored solution you will feel comfortable with. We can also provide legacy type work, such as model or mold making, professional sculpting or restoration, or complete your project using a hybrid of our technology and existing practices. We can save you time, costs and the headaches of dealing with a partially completed or incorrectly completed project. We are experts on processes used over the past 100 years, so we know how the new technology needs to work to produce the same desired results. Rest assured that your best interests are our focus and direction.

Design, Modelling, Tooling and Fabrication using 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and GFRC